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Get paid to lease us your home. 

A new and easy way to earn passive rental income with no management fees and no hassles.

Call us! 843.580.1807

Why Partner With Us?


We secure a minimum of a 2-year lease reducing your emotional and financial burden of vacancy


We care for your home as if it's our own, keeping it in pristine "for sale" condition at all times as the success of our operation directly depends upon it


We pay on time, each month, at or above market rent providing you with predictable rental income over a long period of time

How It Works
Luxurious House

Passive rental income with no

management fee and no hassle.

You own a property. We lease the property from you paying rent each month throughout the duration of the lease. We pay for inventory supplies, utility bills, cleaning, and cosmetic maintenance and repairs. In exchange, we receive control of the property with permission to market and host short-term housing

accommodations for our clients and guests.

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