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  • Why would I lease to Away N’ Stay, LLC. instead of a traditional long-term tenant?"
    Unlike a traditional long-term tenant who is living in your property, we are operating a business. As a result, we drastically reduce your risk of unforeseen property damage, costly vacancy periods, unpaid rent, and drawn-out evictions.
  • As someone who wants to earn passive rental income from my vacation home or investment property, how does Away N’ Stay, LLC. reduce my risk?"
    1.) Rental Income: based on how our partnership model is structured, you'll earn predictable rental income regardless of how your property performs thus reducing your risk of volatile returns. 2.) Property Maintenance: the success of our business is predicated on delivering a clean, safe, and functional property to our clients and guests. As a result, we care for your property as if it is our own and hold ourselves accountable for all of the details. 3.) Occupancy: As with earning predictable rental income, our partnership secures you with guaranteed occupancy over a long period of time. If we are profitable, our intentions will be to become your tenant for life, which reduces your risk of costly vacancy periods.
  • What maintenance and repairs am I responsible for?
    Per our partnership model, you will become our Landlord. As our Landlord, you are only responsible for major structural and mechanical repairs, including but not limited to: the structure, roof, exterior walls, foundations, framing, windows, HVAC, and any other building systems in addition to pool and spa (if present).
  • Why would I lease my home to Away N’ Stay, LLC. v. hire a property management company?"
    We charge no management fees… they do. We have money invested into the property… they don’t. We provide guaranteed rental income to you each month… they don’t. We secure you with guaranteed occupancy… they don’t. We pay to professionally furnish, stage, and design your property… they don’t. We pay your utility bills… they don’t. We manage and pay for inventory supplies to operate the property, such as linens, kitchenware, toiletries, etc... they don’t. We manage and pay for weekly cleaning services and cosmetic maintenance and repairs… they don’t.
  • How long is a typical lease agreement with Away N’ Stay, LLC.?"
    At a minimum, our goal is to sign a 12 to 36-month lease with you. Based on the success and profitability of our operation, we will always be inclined to extend. At the same time, we are open to learning about your goals and how often you use the property. From there, we can mutually determine a lease term that works best for all parties.
  • How exactly does the partnership work?
    You own a property. We lease the property from you. We pay you rent each month throughout the duration of the lease. We pay to furnish, stage, and regularly clean the property. We pay the utilities. We manage and pay for all cosmetic maintenance and repairs. In exchange, we receive control of the property and permission to market and host short-term housing accommodations for our guests. This win-win approach provides our owner/investor partners with predictable rental income over a long period of time while never lifting a finger.
  • Are you a property management company?
    No. We are a hospitality company that hosts a portfolio of short-term rentals. Beyond properties we own, we actively partner with owners and investors by leasing their homes in exchange for permission and control to host short term housing for our guests.
  • How are you different from a vacation home property management company?
    Although we share two primary objectives with a property management company to book stays and provide support during the guest’s stay, our partnership arrangement is very different. A management company will assist in the scheduling of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, but are not financially responsible to pay for it. Partnering with a management company subjects yourself to unpredictable rental income by solely relying on their ability to run a successful short-term rental whereas our partnership provides peace of mind by knowing exactly what you’ll earn each month regardless of how your property is performing.
  • Can I terminate the lease agreement early?
    Contractually, no. However, we are open to understanding why and strive toward mutual resolution.
  • What if I want to sell my property while the lease agreement is in place?
    You are permitted to list your property for sale while the lease agreement is in place. Per the lease agreement, we ask to be notified in writing prior to the property being listed for sale while having a First Right of Refusal to buy the property from you.
  • Do you have any screening process in place before a guest books the property?
    Yes. An identity verification process is required of our guests before we confirm the booking. Guests will need to submit personal information to the booking platform, such as a driver’s license or form of government ID.
  • What happens if a guest incurs bodily injury or property damage to guests or others?
    In the rare event someone gets hurt during a stay on the property, Hosts may be protected with up to $1,000,000 USD primary liability insurance. Backed by Airbnb, Host Protection Insurance may cover 1.) a Host’s legal responsibility for bodily injury to guests or others, 2.) a Host’s legal responsibility for damage to property belonging to guests or others, and 3.) a Host’s legal responsibility for damage to common areas, like building lobbies and neighboring properties, caused by a guest or others.
  • What happens if a guest damages the property or any contents belonging to you or us within the property during their stay?
    Our first course of action is to always notify the guest, provide evidence of the incident, and request reimbursement directly from the guest. Should the guest not abide, we have “Host Guarantee” protection and “Host Protection Insurance.” The Host Guarantee protects Hosts from check-in to checkout and may protect 1.) damage to the property caused by guests, 2.) damage to belongings caused by guests, and 3.) damage caused by a guest’s assistance animal. Airbnb backs this protection with up to $1,000,000 USD.
  • How can you assure me that my property will be kept in pristine condition, and what steps are taken to accomplish this?"
    Our entire operation and overall success is predicated on delivering a clean, safe, and functional property to our clients and guests. Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable for providing CDC-compliant cleaning services and addressing cosmetic maintenance and repairs throughout the duration of the lease term. This is accomplished by conducting weekly inspections and professional cleaning services upon each client or guest checking out. Also, our “House Rules Manuel” is displayed on the property listing, and a copy is placed within the guest’s welcome packet upon arrival. Beyond any specific rules and regulations that pertain to a particular property, neighborhood, or resort, all our properties strictly prohibit smoking, parties, and pets (except for ADA service animal requests).
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